The Beginnings of a Journey

Hi everyone! My name is Angela Yim and I am on a journey working towards health equity. I developed my passion for serving under-resourced communities while volunteering to address local and global health disparities. Assisting physicians in their clinical research to improve the sexual and reproductive health of at-risk adolescent populations and conducting vision screenings to provide prescription glasses for underserved students of St. Louis have taught me the importance of tackling the social determinants of health to help the vulnerable and marginalized patients who lack access to healthcare. With the responsibility to help those in need beyond national borders as a global citizen, I volunteered at a medical orphanage in Beijing, China to help care for children post-surgery alongside nurses and caretakers. Learning the cultural differences in perceptions of health and its subsequent manifestation in treatment showed me the importance of cultural competence in providing effective care. Inspired by the impact that these dedicated healthcare professionals have had on public health has encouraged me to continue to work toward health equity through these avenues of research, community partnerships, and patient care as I pursue a medical career.

These rewarding experiences have led me to join NHC Chicago as a Patient Navigator at the Illinois Eye Institute at the Princeton Vision Clinic. Having previously volunteered in vision screenings, I am excited for this opportunity to expand my role and potential impact on pediatric vision health. This service experience will be eye-opening as I learn firsthand the challenges of addressing the barriers of healthcare delivery for underserved patients. With the support of NHC and IEI mentors, I will work to overcome these obstacles to help children receive the eye care they need as I continue developing the skills needed to be an effective and collaborative patient advocate. Throughout this year, I am also excited to explore the sights and eats of the vibrant Windy City. Embarking on this journey of service and personal growth, I look forward to serving with NHC and community partners as a team to help improve the health of the people of Chicago.

This blog post was written by 2018-19 member Angela Yim

Angela is a Patient Navigator at Illinois Eye Institute at Princeton Vision Clinic.