The Boston Marathon...

Post written by CHC member Daniel Broome
Daniel serves at the American Cancer Society at Stroger Hospital as a Patient Navigator
The Bombing of Boston that took place on Monday, April 15th 2013, at the site of the Marathon finish line was a terrible and heart-wrenching event.  Many of us with friends or family in Boston were relieved to hear the confirmed safety of our loved ones. We also felt the loss of the three victims whose lives were lost in what is usually a monumental celebration of health and determination, the Boston Marathon.

              Photo Credit: New York Times

Despite the two explosions, the three fatalities, and the nearly two hundred injured, we still celebrate the champions from Monday. According to the Boston Athletic Association:
17,580 people completed the marathon.
686 people between the ages of 60-69,
27 people between the ages of 70-79,
1 man over the age of 80,
And everyone in a wheelchair and in a hand-cycle completed the 2013 Boston Marathon.
Though much of the coverage of the bombing highlights the explosions and the damage done, today the stories that are being told are of the bystanders who responded immediately to assist and aid the wounded. 
It is unfortunate to see such evil being done to innocent people, but it is inspiring to see what good people are capable of doing when they work together.
Photo Credit: The Gaudian
Times like this remind us how public health is involved in every aspect of our lives. It is an overarching umbrella whose mission is to consider the well-being of all people and all that could threaten that well-being. As members of Chicago Health Corps and its sister AmeriCorps program, the Healthy Communities Corps, we are all united by a common altruism, a common spirit and a shared belief that helping people become healthier will make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. In the midst of this tragedy, we stand alongside and honor the runners, their families and all those who rushed to help and celebrate their great endurance, their great achievements, and their great bravery during the Boston Marathon.
We hope to see a record number of participants in the 2014 Boston Marathon!