A Brief Introduction

My name is Tim Corwin. I have spent my entire life as a tennis player, having grown up in a family of them. In June, I graduated from DePaul University, where I spent four years on the tennis team. I love all sports, both playing them and talking about them. My hobbies also include reading books, especially of the fantasy variety where I can enter new worlds and let my imagination go.

At DePaul, I studied biology and really formed a love for science and, in time, public health. This year, I am excited to partake in public health initiatives first-hand. I will learn more about myself as I provide underserved populations at the Illinois Eye Institute Princeton VIsion Clinic with vision screenings and referrals. I am extremely excited to serve with like-minded individuals as we try to make positive impacts in people’s lives. I hope to become a better-rounded, culturally competent health provider as I move forward in my own professional life.

This blog post was written by NHC Chicago 2017-18 member Tim Corwin.

Tim will be a Vision Promotor I at Illinois Eye Institute, Princeton Vision Clinic