Chitra Iyer

What are you most looking forward to this service term?
I'm excited to work in such a reputable FQHC that provides absolutely critical services for Chicagoans, and prioritizes serving the LGBTQ community in the most inclusive, culturally competent and tailored way possible. I'm excited to improve on my HIV testing skills and learn about STI testing and prophylactic counseling, and to learn about healthcare for trans, gender non-conforming and pediatric clients. I'm also so excited to meet my clients, learn their stories and help them navigate their primary, mental and sexual healthcare needs in a manner that honors their diverse identities and life's circumstances.

As an NHC member last year, I witnessed in myself the effects of compassion fatigue, recognizing that I couldn't care for my community if I didn't take the time for some radical self-care. I hope to embrace the need for self-care this year and take the time, amidst all the stress, emotional labor and deadlines, to get to know my clients and coworkers and enjoy what this year brings to me. I also hope to improve upon my professional communication skills and to learn how to better advocate for my needs

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?
I hope to take my MCAT this year and apply for medical school to eventually become a pediatrician

I'm interested in learning about...
mental health issues, stigma in healthcare, trauma informed care, learning about health issues specific to the LGBTQ+ population and youth, neuropsychology

Educational Background:
BS in Molecular Cellular Biology and Behavioral Neurosience from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Preferred gender pronouns:

Home Town:
Aurora, IL
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