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Serve in the National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program located in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida!


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NHC Florida is now recruiting for the 2017-2018 program year


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NHC Joins ServiceNation to take National Serivce to Hollywood


The Corps members take on a ropes course during pre-service orientation!

Getting Things Done in North Florida


NHC Florida members build lasting friendships!

Meet Our 2016-2017 NHC Florida AmeriCorps Members!

NHC Florida Helping Hands

NHC members serve in community and school-based health centers, free clinics, public health departments and nonprofit, and community-based public health organizations in Northeast Florida!

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2017-2018 Program Year

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National Health Corps Florida Blog

"Several members of the have applied to medical and public health programs this cycle. In this second installment of the blog series, “Raising Healthcare’s Future” members of the National Health Corps - Florida (NHC-FL) provide insight into how their service experiences are shaping their experiences with patients, care providers, and the healthcare system."
Date of Publication: 03/23/2017
Author: Snelson
"Love is patient. Love is kind. Love doesn’t have to just be with a significant other. Love is our biggest line of defense against domestic violence. Love is stronger."
Date of Publication: 03/17/2017
Author: Snelson
Midway through each service term members of the National Health Corps - Florida conduct their annual retreat to reflect on the first half of their service terms and plan for the second half and beyond. This year’s event was held in St. Augustine, Florida, the scenic beach side city that holds the title of America’s oldest city.
Date of Publication: 03/16/2017
Author: Snelson
"As a first time disaster responder, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I certainly wasn’t ready for the reality of the storms once we arrived to the Sunshine Acres Trailer Park (where most of the damage had taken place). Cars were overturned, trees were ripped out of the ground, and homes were destroyed. As I scanned my eyes over the rubble, I couldn’t help but wonder what went through the minds of the families that once lived here."
Date of Publication: 03/03/2017
Author: Snelson
Members will provide insight into how their service experiences are shaping their experiences with patients, care providers, and the healthcare system.
Date of Publication: 02/24/2017
Author: Snelson

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