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The Corps members take on a ropes course during pre-service orientation!

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NHC members serve in community and school-based health centers, free clinics, public health departments and nonprofit, and community-based public health organizations in Northeast Florida!

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2017-2018 Program Year

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National Health Corps Florida Blog

Members will provide insight into how their service experiences are shaping their experiences with patients, care providers, and the healthcare system.
Date of Publication: 02/24/2017
Author: Snelson
"When I reflect on what living in Jacksonville has meant to me, the mothers I serve captured the positives best; it’s all about my family, including my AmeriFam, this home where I feel my “part” is"
Date of Publication: 02/17/2017
Author: Snelson
"In October, the members of National Health Corps Florida welcomed Dustin Arceneaux as our new Program Director. It’s been several months since he’s stepped into the shoes left by former director Jennifer Larramore, so we decided to check in with Mr. Arceneaux and see how he is liking the new position."
Date of Publication: 02/14/2017
Author: Snelson
"Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy demonstrates the impact a single voice for justice can have in the lives of all that follow in their footsteps. We feel incredibly inspired to carry that legacy forward with our shared voices."
Date of Publication: 01/28/2017
Author: Snelson
"As a NHC Florida AmeriCorps member, I hope to reinforce these same ideas and values with every client I serve -- to provide them with motivation to return to school/work, to push them to follow through with helpful decision making strategies, and to assist them with securing both physical and mental health support."
Date of Publication: 01/19/2017
Author: Snelson

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