"Ask A Question, Save A Life"

Half of the North Florida Health Corps dedicated Wednesday evening to learning a potentially life-saving skill when it comes to suicide prevention.



The Daniel Foundation hosted a "Question, Persuade, Refer" training in which Corps members learned to spot warning signs, utilize simple techniques for talking about suicide and referring those in need to help. The training also included many resources in the local area. We know this skill will help us throughout our service when dealing with clients in tough, emotional situations.

Here is what members had to say about being trained in QPR:

"The QPR training would be definitely helpful at my host site since many clients I see are in tight financial situations or feeling at their low-point, which some will talk negatively about their life. After receiving the training, I can better guide the conversation into a positive outlook and help them seek help when a need is expressed." -- Mandy Chan

"The tools provided through the training have made me feel more prepared to deal with such situations.  In addition, the training really just opened my eyes to the entire prevention approach in general; I would not have been able to tell you even one step to assisting a person through this type of life struggle.  The sheer number of suicides attempted and accomplished in the country, in Florida, and in Duval County is astounding!  And to know that others can positively influence this number through awareness, information, and care is remarkable.  I believe that this is a valuable training for not only members of medicine and public health, education, and other similar occupations and industries, but valuable to all people of our community so that we can all stand to prevent suicide." -- Alicia Seggelink