Tips From Us To You

Reflecting on our National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps service term was always a big part of our 46 weeks.  Like everything else you will do in life, you will experience “I wish I would’ve known this” moments throughout your service term. The 2018-2019 Corps is here to help you eliminate some of those moments.
When asked “What is one tip you have for the new members”, current National Health Corps Florida members said the following:

  1. Pack good lunches for PSO that do not need to be refrigerated or microwaved;
  2. Keep your calendar updated with any meetings and NHC program due dates;
  3. Include all members when you are making plans within your Corps;
  4. Travel outside of Jacksonville. It is a good break from service to be able to go somewhere different, even if it is just for a day trip;
  5. Learn how to meal plan. This will save you so much money;
  6. Always keep an electronic paper trail of your communications with people;
  7. Find something to do outside of service so you have something to look forward to when you burn out;
  8. During your service term you should be living on a budget, but designate some money each month to do something fun;
  9. Wear sunscreen every day;
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Program and host site staff would rather you humble yourself and ask a question than for a client to be mistakenly denied services;
  11. Sometimes you may feel alone when you're not actually alone. Find your support system and use it. Recognize those who are there for you;
  12. BE FLEXIBLE. Be open to change because throughout this service term you may experience it a lot more than you had anticipated. Whether its position description, supervisors, what you thought you wanted your career to be, or even your host site. Embrace it and always try to have a positive outlook on it;
  13. Make time for friends/the Corps, even if you live all the way in Nassau. Honestly, they'll be what helps you get through the year and stay (somewhat) sane. The friends I've made this year have been the best part of my AmeriCorps experience by far;
  14. Spend time at the beach;
  15. Use other members and host site staff to find meetings and trainings for professional development;
  16. Take advantage of opportunities in the city, a lot of professionals here are willing to help;
  17. Make sure to focus on self care;
  18. Do your timesheets every day - it’s much easier that way;
  19. Don’t go to Surfer - Just don’t;
  20. Always say yes to outside service opportunities because you never know when you are going to need those hours.











This blog was written by 2018 - 2019 NHC FL AmeriCorps members.