Benefits of Serving

Member Benefits

The greatest benefit to serving in the Nationa Health Corps Philadelphia is the personal and professional growth and sense of accomplishment that results from helping others in very important ways.  Members also receive valuable experience in the healthcare field and an opportunity to develop personal and professional networks that can last a lifetime.

Once enrolled, members receive comprehensive pre-service training, as well as opportunities for continuous training throughout the service term.  NHC is dedicated to encouraging and providing opportunities for the professional growth of its members.  Member training is provided during monthly member meetings as well as additional forums through partner organizations such as the Health Federation of Philadelphia.  Some examples of past trainings include: CPR/First Aid, Medical Interpretation, and Smoking Cessation.  Shadowing opportunities are also available to members with Host Site Staff.  Members attend various trainings throughout the course of the year in order to establish and build a set of core competencies which National Health Corps believes to be critical to serving as a healthcare professional and carrying forth a commitment to service and volunteerism.

  1. Community Health Advocacy
  2. Patient/Client Relation
  3. Professionalism
  4. Cultural Competency
  5. Civic Engagement
  6. Health Outreach
  7. Health Education
  8. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
  9. Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
  10. Case Management
  11. Public Health Knowledge

Beyond self-satisfaction, experience and training, members serving in the 2018-19 Corps will receive a taxable living allowance of $13,372 annual gross distributed to members biweekly.  Additionally, upon successful completion of service, a post-service education award of $5,920 is distributed by the Corporation for National & Community Service. The education award can be accessed for up to seven years following the program completion and may be used to pay back qualified student loans or for future education expenses. AmeriCorps members are also eligible for loan forbearance on qualified student loans while enrolled in the program, although you must contact your individual lender for more information on your particular loan and its eligibility. Lastly, NHC members are eligible for health insurance coverage and childcare allowance is available at no cost to them (if eligible).

In addition to ten holidays, members have 15 personal days for use for sick time, vacation time, and medical school/graduate school interviews. You may not schedule more than 7 days in a row off from service. Members do not accrue service hours during time off, so although time is available, they are expected to “make those hours up.”