PHC 2013-2014 Member Expectations

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Philadelphia Health Corps blog! Hope you all continue to read and follow us as we learn to navigate the complexities of our health care system while contributing towards the elimination of barriers to access to care.

Here’s a brief introduction to our members’ expectations for our year of service. 

  • “to be surrounded by like-minded folks”
  • “to gain new skills”
  • “network”
  • “gain a first-hand look at the health care system”
  • “to grow personally and professionally”
  • “learn about relevant issues in public health”
  • “have a sense of support from Corps members and program administration”
  • “effectively serve, make an impact somehow, and further my professional and personal skills”
  • “become a part of the Philadelphia community”
  • “to gain everything I can while also giving back”
  • “learn more about health disparities, and gain hands-on experience with serving with a community”
  • “to help people”
  • “understand the need in underserved communities”
  • “understand the health care system”
  • “be prepared for anything”
  • “how Federally Qualified Health Centers and nonprofits work”
  • “community”
  • “create a good environment for volunteerism and collaboration”