Philadelphia Members

I became passionate about public health through my work as a peer advocate and educator at my college’s sexual health student center. After graduating, I was looking to do direct advocacy work with people around health while also having opportunities for training and reflection.

I started serving as a coach for Special Olympics- Swimming back in high school and realized my passion for service. I found that every person has a gift to share with the world and all it take is for somebody to give them a chance to let it shine

My service position with NHC will allow me to gain the practical skills of working with patients and project management, but also truly understand how the social determinants of health affect the every day lives of those around me.

I am eager to listen to people’s stories, provide them with the service, and contemplate on the systemic problems behind these patient’s circumstances and struggles. I want to challenge myself not only to understand the barriers that patients face in accessing health care, but also the social and economical forces that underlie this systemic inequality.

As a hopeful future doctor I want to ensure that I am very competent and aware of the different nuances of working with patients from all kinds of backgrounds - and NHC was the perfect way to experience this.

I joined the National Health Corp because I was excited to work with an organization that understands the social determinants of health and uses that to provide community-based care.

In high school I volunteered at Cleveland Clinic Hospital where I delivered patient mail. I soon realized the happiness that patients felt to see mail from a loved one or to just have a friendly conversation with someone. Since then I have continued to commit myself to community service to make any difference that I can no matter how small.

Throughout my life I have always volunteered helping in hospitals, soup kitchens, and nursing homes. However, being a Bonner Leader in college allowed me to explore service in a different light.

I joined National Health Corps for the opportunity to work directly with underserved patients and help them access the health care they need.

For this year, I have an opportunity to dedicate most of my time towards learning about and serving a new community. I think that this year, and Philadelphia, will leave a significant mark on me, and (hopefully!!) I will leave a small mark on Philly, too!

Serving with NHC gives me the chance to better understand why things are the way they are and the future role I can take to increase access and care for patients and communities who need it most.

I wanted to spend a year in service to give back after graduating, and I especially wanted to observe firsthand the many types of healthcare roles and how they fit together to provide care for under-served populations.

I'm interested in the business side of medicine, and the Prescription Assistance role seemed like a great way to get exposure to a major health system. The city of Philadelphia is also home to a beautiful array of diverse populations, which makes the work especially interesting.

I believe it is extremely important to provide services to those with limited resources.  My past volunteer work at Hope Clinic, a free clinic in Providence, RI motivated me to pursue a health-related service position this year.

Having grown up an hour outside of the city, I have always considered Philadelphia to be my home. This year in service will allow me to fully immerse myself in the community and to explore all the different opportunities and cultures that Philly has to offer.

I have been doing community service for my entire life, but I think that I first became interested in community service because of my parents. We were always participating in service projects as a family when I was growing up!

Through past service and personal experience, I have been able to see how community service can truly change people's lives, especially when we help to provide basic needs. I have always had a nurturing spirit and I truly just want to give everyone the opportunity to be healthy, happy, and feel empowered enough to play an active role in their own lives.

After NHC, I hope to attend a Masters program for Public Health and study policy, maternal and child health, and public health nutrition.  It is my hope that I can do both field and policy work to inform public health policy, address health disparities and increase access to comprehensive healthcare, particularly in under-resourced communities.

For my entire life, my parents have instilled in my the value of community service. After moving to Chapel Hill, my mom founded two non-profit organizations.

Philadelphia has so many wonderful public health opportunities and volunteer organizations, and I want to learn all about them.

One thing I am most excited about serving in Philadelphia is the chance to be surrounded by so much diversity and learning different languages and cultures. In my service site, I have the opportunity to work with patients from all over the world and hear their life story and how the ended up in Philadelphia.

I went on a Mission trip to Costa Rica where I served in a small town and people lived in uninhabitable conditions.   The first thing we did was hand out tooth brushes and the reactions we received were one's of hope and gratitude.  The kids hugged us and wouldn't let us leave and the adults blessed us and thanked us immensely.