Philadelphia Members

“It is my hope that through this experience I will have the opportunity to better understand healthcare inequalities, bridge gaps in service, and grow personally.”

“NHC will give me the opportunity to gain more insight about the needs of undeserved communities and steps taken to eliminate health disparities.”

“I joined the National Health Corps because I wanted an opportunity to go to a new city, make a difference in a community, and get a realistic experience in a public health setting.”

“I joined the National Health Corps because I wanted to cultivate my passion for serving vulnerable communities.”

"I joined NHC to help increase the access of healthcare to underserved populations and gain on-hand experience working in the public health sector."

“I joined the National Health Corps because I thought it was an invaluable opportunity to gain more insight into the broad field of public health.”

"The opportunity to work directly with patients and healthcare providers was an important factor in my decision to serve with National Health Corps."

“I joined National Health Corps in hopes of fulfilling healthcare needs in a new community while also meeting and learning from people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.”

“I joined NHC because I wanted to learn more about community health and have direct and meaningful contact with underserved populations.”

"I joined the National Health Corps to gain direct experience in the healthcare field while building long-term relationships with the populations I would like to focus on in my career."

“Joining the National Health Corps provides the perfect opportunity to give back to the community while broadening my perspective and understanding of the health care system and the communities it affects.”

“I joined National Health Corps because I am looking to pursue a career in Public Health/Policy.”

"I wanted to serve in a medical setting before starting a career and have the opportunity to learn from living and learning in a diverse area of the country."

"I want to spend my gap year personally interacting with people in need while gaining a better understanding of the specific healthcare challenges faced by the local community."

“I believe that the National Health Corps program in particular will provide me with the opportunities to use my knowledge and skills to enact change and help to enhance the livelihood of marginalized groups.”

"I wanted to gain an understanding of how healthcare and medical services were being utilized and how accessible it was to people who needed it the most."

"By forcing me to tackle new problems, interact with new people, and engage with a new environment, I believe NHC provides the challenge I need to further my post-college development and prepare myself for medical school and life beyond."

“Apart from joining a community of future service providers geared towards community health, I am most looking forwards to seeing how I can best help further the mission of my clinic.”

“I joined the National Health Corps because I wanted to be part of public health projects that are taking innovative approaches to empower, educate, and provide opportunities to at risk communities.”

“My passion for dedicating a year to providing service in the health care sector stems from my valuable previous and current service experiences in a variety of settings, as well as my motivations to actively address social disparities.”

"As a member of the NHC, I can make a positive impact in community health where the need is most severe."

"I want to learn more about patient care and advocacy in underserved parts of the United States. The National Health Corps is the perfect way for me do it!"

“I'm excited about the chance to interact and get the perspective of the people within the community while I connect them to significant healthcare resources”

"I aspire to be a part of rewriting the health narratives experienced by people in these areas."