Azariea Bonner-Harris


Educational Background
B.S. in Physiology, Seattle Pacific University

Why did you join NHC?
I joined NHC because I wanted to make a real-time impact in people's lives. I have always wondered what it would like to work in community healthcare and being involved with NHC is the perfect opportunity for that. I also get behind the scene exposure to what goes into improving the health of an underserved community, which is helpful for guiding my future career interests.

What are your plans after NHC?
I plan to stick around Philadelphia for awhile and perhaps find a graduate school program where I can pursue a Master's in Physician Assistant Studies and/or Public Health.

What sparked your interest in community service?
There are sometimes negative stigmas placed on certain underprivileged communities that paint them as unmotivated or not wanting better for themselves, when the truth is a lot of those communities are simply underserved. Through past service and personal experience, I have been able to see how community service can truly change people's lives, especially when we help to provide basic needs. I have always had a nurturing spirit and I truly just want to give everyone the opportunity to be healthy, happy, and feel empowered enough to play an active role in their own lives.

What excites you the most about serving in Philadelphia?
I am most excited about getting the chance to immerse myself in an environment that is different than my hometown in so many ways. There are so many people and cool things to get involved in, I feel like I am always learning and exploring.

What is your favorite food?
FOOD is my favorite food

Home Town:
Tacoma, WA
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