Jane Chang

"I joined the National Health Corps because I wanted to cultivate my passion for serving vulnerable communities."

Educational Background: Chemistry Major from the University of Michigan

Host Site: Integrated Services Navigator and Recruiter at Family Practice and Counseling Network - Stephen and Sandra Seller 11th Street Family Health Services

Why did you join National Health Corps?
I joined the National Health Corps because I wanted to cultivate my passion for serving vulnerable communities. I anticipate that Philadelphia's diverse population will offer challenges unique to a complex urban environment. Therefore, I aim to learn how to be proactive in considering more than just the illness at hand - such as lifestyle choices, finances, and barriers - to establish patient relationships and make a difference in the health community.

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?
I am currently applying to the dental cycle this year, and I hope to be attending dental school in the fall of 2017.

What first sparked your interest in community service?
Neighborhood Notes was not the first volunteer program I participated in, but it was the first to make me stop and reflect upon my own life. Up until that point, I had the internal conundrum of "good deed" verses "good heart" - I knew partaking in service was the right thing to do, but I never fully grasped why. During the time I spent teaching music and creating new relationships with the kids, I found that every instance I invested myself onto others, unknowingly or not, I was making growth on a personal level. To me, compassion became one of the main attributes to a "good heart", ultimately leading to doing these "good deeds." Neighborhood Notes became the first program I served with a purpose. To me, compassion is to understand and empathize with others, and it is what gives me purpose in my every day interactions and my actions in the community.

What about Philadelphia excites you the most?
Excited to explore Philadelphia's community on a deeper level

What’s your favorite food?

Hometown: Doylestown, PA