Kaela Barna


Educational Background
B.S. in Exercise Science, University of South Carolina

Why did you join NHC?
I thought that NHC offered a really great and unique opportunity to get a different perspective of healthcare. As a hopeful future doctor I want to ensure that I am very competent and aware of the different nuances of working with patients from all kinds of backgrounds - and NHC was the perfect way to experience this.

What are your plans after NHC?
Medical School

What sparked your interest in community service?
I started to become really interested in doing community service when I was in college because I loved how it could be both an experiential learning opportunity and a way to be a source of help and change for others. I was apart of many different service opportunities in college, and ended up graduating with leadership distinction in community service.

What excites you the most about serving in Philadelphia?
I have grown up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia and when I found out about NHC I was very excited by the opportunity to be working within the city itself. I have been away at college for 4 years and it is great to be able to come home and work in this great city and get connected to the Philadelphia community.

What is your favorite food?
Breakfast sandwiches

Home Town:
Downingtown, PA
Host Site: