Kendra Hester

“I joined National Health Corps because I am looking to pursue a career in Public Health/Policy.”

Educational Background: B.A. Psychology and Health, Behavior & Society

Host Site: Patient Advocate at Philadelphia Department of Public Health - Ambulatory Health Services, Health Center 5

Why did you join National Health Corps? 
Looking to pursue a career in Public Health/Policy

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?
Graduate School

Tell us about an employment, service, or research experience that was important to you.
I served an Americorps term with Rochester Youth Year. It has been the most professional and personal growth I've experienced. I've learned a plethora about myself and the goals I have for my people and those from similar backgrounds.

What first sparked your interest in community service? 
High School service experience called BuildOn.

What about Philadelphia excites you the most?
Liberty Bell? I've actually never been to the city, but I look forward to spending time there. Everyone tells me I'll love it. As a city girl, I've been a little homesick living in Rochester since it's much smaller. I hear Philly is similar to Chicago in the busy city life aspect, but not too overwhelming like NYC, so I'm looking forward to being 'home' without actually being in Chicago. On to new adventures!

What is your favorite food?
No fav. But a recent go-to is Ethiopian Cuisine.

Hometown: Chicago, IL