Steven Bieser


Educational Background
Studied Neurobiology and Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison

Why did you join NHC?
To gain a broader understanding of the barriers many face to healthcare. I want to do my utmost to advocate alongside medically undeserved people in order to grant them the strongest foundation of health possible. With this foundation people may have a better chance of living up to their full potential. I plan to apply my knowledge and experiences from this year of service to become a physician who is cognizant of theĀ  barriers to health people face and actively work to break them down.

What are your plans after NHC?
Attending medical school to train as a Neurologist

What sparked your interest in community service?
I started serving as a coach for Special Olympics- Swimming back in high school and realized my passion for service. I found that every person has a gift to share with the world and all it take is for somebody to give them a chance to let it shine. Important and sometimes unexpected people have given me these opportunities, and so I strive to life my life in service to others in the hope of spreading kindness and health one person at a time.

What excites you the most about serving in Philadelphia?
Living on the east coast for the first time and hearing about my cohort's and my community's life experiences. I am really excited to explore all the museums and gardens in and around the city, while attending lectures from world renowned experts at Philly's many universities.

What is your favorite food?

Home Town:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Host Site: