Gettings Things Done for America!

The Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force was founded by volunteers in 1985. At the wake of the HIV outbreak and the subsequent discovery of HIV in America, these volunteers had the compassion and bravery to aid people living with HIV. Today, volunteers remain an integral part of our mission as they are an integral part of our history. We have over 100 volunteers in our database here at PATF and each of them brings their own variety of vibrancy to our organization.

Though PATF is the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS service organization in southwestern Pennsylvania (we provide extensive client services to almost 650 HIV positive individuals and have a well established prevention and outreach department), there are less than 25 staff members that work and serve at our organization. We are able to work on this scale with such a small staff because of the involvement of our volunteers. As the volunteer coordinator, I can say that I’ve never come across a group of more dedicated, talented, and compassionate volunteers. T he spirit of our founding volunteers most definitely still lives today.