Jake Miller: See how PHC is impacting his future aspirations and how he is impacting his community

Has your experience with the Pittsburgh Health Corps (PHC) thus far helped you with your future aspirations?
Yes, being a member of PHC has helped me realize how much I want to become a physician someday. I see the passion my mentors have for reducing disparities and for fixing systemic problems in healthcare. Through my experience with the PHC thus far, I am realizing that the issues I am passionate about can be feasibly solved, and as a physician I can act as an ally to create change.

What is your fondest/best memory of PHC so far and why?
I really connected with my fellow PHC members at our Habitat for Humanity service day- building that house was fun, yet hard work. We worked together as a team and it was so great to know we were helping a family re-build their lives in Pittsburgh.

Is there a new project you have partaken in recently at your site?
Yes! At the UPMC Adolescent Medicine, CHANGE (Children's Hospital Advisory Network for Guidance and Empowerment)--a program comprised of a youth-driven advisory board who helps other youth, parents, and practitioners talk about the best practices for medical transition to adult care from pediatrics--has started their new project that takes video testimonials and relates each person's narrative to a topic of medical transition from child to adult care. I've helped film, edit, and be a part of the videos!