Jessica Reker: see what our PHC member is doing for Healthy Future March!!

March is Healthy Future month. How are you creating a healthy future for the community that you serve?

I have recently started the Health & Wellness classes for patients at the East Liberty Family Health Care Center. Through these classes, patients are able to learn tips and tricks on a variety of topics, such as healthy eating on a budget, heart health, and easy ways to add exercise into their daily lives.  Since the Health & Wellness classes are ongoing and build upon itself, the classes will help to create a healthy future for patients!     

How has your experience with the Pittsburgh Health Corps (PHC) thus far helped you with your future aspirations?

From providing daily patient education at the East Liberty Family Health Care Center, I have learned the ins and outs of patient interaction and public health ethics.  Because of my experience with the PHC thus far, I have also realized the importance of clinical training and am pursuing a career in nursing in the future.  Without PHC, I would not have gained valuable patient care experience, which will prove beneficial in my nursing education.