Throwback Thursdays: Amy McCarty

Q3: Did your AmeriCorps experience have any influence on what you are doing today?

AmeriCorps helped dictate my decision to attain a master's for two reasons. (1) I found a list of schools that matched the AmeriCorps education award which helped deter the high cost of a degree. (2) I learned about new fields of study and and career paths while serving my AmeriCorps term. It was one of these new areas that made me realize I needed additional education and would then be able to work in a really cool field.

Q4: In 3 words, describe your AmeriCorps service year!
service with friends

Q5: What was your most memorable AmeriCorps moment?
Finding out I had gotten into the graduate program I wanted was great!

Q6: What advice would you give current members as they plan for their "life after AmeriCorps"?
No matter how your service year went, sell it! People are always impressed that you gave your time to AmeriCorps.