Throwback Thursdays: Adia Effiong

Q3: Did your AmeriCorps experience have any influence on what you are doing today?
Yes my Pittsburgh Health Corps experience helped me gain a better understanding of the under served in America and what resources are available to help them. Also taught me how to live on a very very limited budget.

Q4: In 3 words, describe your AmeriCorps service year!
I was stretched!!!!

Q5: What was your most memorable AmeriCorps moment?
The first week of preservice training at the obstacle course laughing hysterically as I attempted to jump to do the zip line

Q6: What advice would you give current members as they plan for their "life after AmeriCorps"?
Plan. Life after AmeriCorps happens right after AmeriCorps ends.

Q7: Your favorite quote about service
Service is a choice