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Pittsburgh Named Most Livable City in the U.S...AGAIN!

"Pittsburgh has been named the “most livable city” six times since 2000 by The Economist, Forbes and Places Rated Almanac. It also has landed on more than 200 “best” lists including “40 Prettiest Cities in the World”.


New members helping each other winterize a local garden!


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National Health Corps Pittsburgh Blog

"To me, Paige is a reminder of many things: that the barriers to good health that individuals face are real and damaging and constantly reinforced by society and those in power, that organizations like Birmingham, and the rest of the NHC host sites, although they are underfunded and understaffed, can provide people with small but effective ways to overcome these barriers, and that resilience, kindness, and optimism, although they may be at times hard to find, are what we need most."
Date of Publication: 03/14/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"A lot of my time this service year has been spent thinking about questions like these. For instance, partaking in this AmeriCorps service year is an experience that lends itself only to candidates who are privileged enough to either have the savings or help to live on a governmental stipend. My fellow members and I talked briefly about this during our training, but this is something I’ve grappled with since."
Date of Publication: 02/18/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"Being in National Health Corps, it came as no surprise to me that all our members shared my compassion for vulnerable populations and were determined to find solutions to empower individuals and communities to improve health outcomes. What has really stood out to me, however, is just how much heart they have put into their service."
Date of Publication: 01/31/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"Although I still don’t know what I’ll be doing post-NHC, I think about how lucky I am to do impactful community-based work that I never would have envisioned myself doing a few years ago. I never thought I’d want to work in schools, and now doing health presentations in schools is one of my favorite parts of my position. That’s the beauty of National Health Corps- I’ve surprised myself in learning what I want in a career, don’t want, and areas I want to continue pursuing work in."
Date of Publication: 01/28/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"Even as a woman of color, I do not have the same life experiences as my patients. However, I want to learn more to serve them to the best of my ability and help change the detrimental statistics in maternal and child health. I want to do this by attending monthly talks regarding healthcare or cultural events around Pittsburgh where I will be able to interact with different communities in my area."
Date of Publication: 01/27/2020
Author: Irving.Torres

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