Catherine McAuley Center

Homelessness is a public health issue, with homeless individuals suffering from higher rates of illness and dying, on average, 12 years sooner that the general population. Providing referrals and supportive services to homeless clients and advocating on their behalf to help them navigate the health care and housing system will lessen this health disparity which has been complicated by the pandemic.

An NHC member will benefit the Catherine McAuley Center and the women and children experiencing homelessness that we serve through:

  • Conducting apartment searches for clients in need of scattered site housing that fit criteria as designated by HUD or other programmatic requirements.
  • Working with children through therapeutic play and one on one interactions to both serve the needs of the children in housing programs and to allow their mothers time and space to speak openly with Caseworkers.
  • Managing projects that enhance the quality of care and environment for clients at all properties.
  • Supplementing operations of Food Pantry and Period Project.

The Catherine McAuley Center is looking to increase the depth of supportive services and case management that our clients receive. This position will expand and expedite the service offerings to our clients.