Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago - School Health Access Collaborative (SHAC)

Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC) enhances the capacity of public health and health care systems to promote health equity and expand access to services. Through organizational development, system transformation, fiscal management, and program implementation, PHIMC leads efforts to strengthen public health infrastructure in Illinois. For over 20 years, PHIMC’s team of leaders has developed partnerships that enhance capacity and build infrastructure. PHIMC supports collective impact and guides resources, programs, and attention to health issues and populations most in need.

PHIMC does not provide direct service but rather works as a neutral convener and lead agent to dismantle systems-level barriers to public health programming and innovation. PHIMC works in partnership with a vast array of government institutions and community-based organizations to ensure that funded projects are successfully implemented and services are provided to people in need. The core services of PHIMC are outlined below:

Organizational Development

PHIMC serves as a backbone organization to support the development and growth of innovative projects and non-profits. PHIMC is committed to improving institutions’ knowledge and practice to enhance their capacity to solve problems and adapt to change. Traditional organizational development theory is utilized to identify key issues, develop an action plan to address them, implement the plan, and evaluate its effectiveness.

System Transformation

PHIMC designs and implements change processes to improve service delivery and patient outcomes in both large and small systems and across multiple sectors. System transformation helps all stakeholders improve their work and ensures clients receive quality care.

Fiscal Management

PHIMC provides fiscal and administrative support to organizations so they can focus on what matters most. This work is generally done on behalf of health departments, universities, or other large institutions to facilitate increased flexibility. PHIMC also serves as the fiscal sponsor for several non-profits, providing fiscal and administrative services that allow these agencies to focus on the core functions of their programming.

Program Implementation

PHIMC’s current portfolio includes management of programs focused on prevention, behavioral health, health equity, school and community health, criminal and social justice, and workforce development. Through each PHIMC initiative, a broad range of vulnerable populations receive access to the care and services they need.

PHIMC serves the state of Illinois, including the communities of Chicago and Suburban Cook County.