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Astride Gouba

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Position Title: Immigrant Wellness Navigator

Where are you from? I'm originally from West Africa

Why did you decide to join NHC? 
As a dedicated public health student, I've always been driven by a deep-seated desire to create tangible positive changes within communities. This journey led me to the National Health Corps, where I found a platform that perfectly aligns with my values and aspirations. The moment I learned about NHC's mission to address health disparities and promote wellness across underserved populations, I knew I had found my place.

What are you hoping to gain or learn during your service term?
During my service term with the National Health Corps, I'm eagerly anticipating both personal and professional growth. I'm hoping to gain a multifaceted understanding of the intricate challenges and opportunities present within public health. Immersing myself in hands-on experiences will allow me to bridge the gap between theory and practice, solidifying my academic knowledge while honing practical skills that can only be learned through real-world engagement.

What are you most looking forward to during your service term?
I'm looking forward to learning how to effectively collaborate within diverse teams, adapting to dynamic situations, and employing innovative strategies to address complex health disparities. By working closely with communities, I aim to develop a nuanced perspective on the multifarious factors that influence health outcomes. I aspire to enhance my communication skills, learning how to navigate sensitive topics and build trust within the populations I serve.