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Laurel Wong is facing the camera and smiling. She is wearing graduation regalia.



Position Title:

Quality Improvement/Diabetes Care Coordinator

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Salinas, CA, and have lived at Stanford for the past 4 years.

Why did you decide to join NHC?

As a member of NHC, I want to contribute to a system dedicated to improving the health and well-being of every patient, advocating for those in disadvantaged situations, and building resilience in the communities we serve. As an aspiring physician, I hope to learn more about addressing the intersectional disparities and social determinants of health that lead to healthcare inequities. Above all, I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with my community to implement strategies that empower them to lead healthier lives.

What are you hoping to gain or learn during your service term?

On an interpersonal level, I am looking forward to refining my ability to provide empathetic care, serving the diverse needs of my patients, and collaborating with those in my community to develop sustainable healthcare solutions. On a broader scale, I hope to gain insight into bridging healthcare gaps, confronting healthcare disparities, and the underlying systemic injustices that perpetuate them.

What are you most looking forward to during your service term?

I am excited to work in an urban setting and form relationships with my fellow colleagues, clinic staff, and members of the community. After living in a dorm for the past 4 years, I hope to have the opportunity to explore the city and eat amazing food!