Detox Care Coordinator

Position Status




NHC Position Type

Care Coordinator

Position Summary

The AmeriCorps Members will serve with individuals who are seeking recovery from the despair and destruction of addiction and co-occurring disorders, including Opioid Use Disorder. Gateway’s resident patients and their children come from diverse, underserved, compromised communities in the Jacksonville area. Approximately 97% are considered low or very low income, earning well less than 80% of the area median income. Many have suffered trauma, health crises, and homelessness. The ultimate objective of this proposal – and all of Gateway’s efforts – is to help patients become productive, healthy, self-sufficient citizens. The Wellness Coordinator will assist patients who are in treatment services and recovery housing at Gateway for Substance Use Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders. Specifically, they will provide health and wellness workshops and education (including Narcan usage) as well as coordinate with community providers to bring additional services to patients. They will also be responsible for implementing recreational activities with patients to encourage physical activity.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing brief health education to patients
  • Coordinating with other programs to provide health classes
  • Co-facilitating group classes on health and lifestyle
  • Attending meetings and patient huddles
  • Assisting in care coordination and resource referrals
  • Interacting with patients to complete quality reviews
  • Utilizing survey tools to upload date from interviews
  • Creating social service resources guides and lists for clients
  • Developing various programs on improving health literacy
  • Finding additional community resources and programs for patients

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • Comfortable with diversity
  • Basic knowledge of medical terminology
  • Proficient computer and data entry skills (e.g., Microsoft Excel)
  • Good communication skills
  • Outgoing
  • Open-minded
  • Non-judgmental
  • Takes initiative
  • Organized; sound organizational skills
  • Good customer service
  • Knowledge of health records
  • Flexible

Knowledge Required for the Position

Knowledge of AmeriCorps/Health Corps member requirements Skill with Microsoft Office or other software for a variety of data processing operations involving a range of problem solving, record keeping, correspondence, and service tracking options


The supervisor assigns service activities in terms of project objectives and basic priorities and is available for consultation in resolving controversial issues.


The service activities are reviewed for accuracy through spot checks, through complaints from customers, and through observation of the Member at service.


Detailed guidelines exist, including regulations and directives, handbooks, precedents, industry standards and files of previous projects.


The Member must develop new techniques, methods, or approaches to complete service position assignments.

Purpose and Impact of Service Position Assignments

The service position product or services affect the social, physical, and economic well-being of a substantial number of people on an ongoing basis.

Nature of Contacts


Purpose of Contacts

To motivate, influence, or educate people to support change behaviors

Special Considerations

  • Special safety regulations or precautions that must be observed
  • COVID-19 precautions 
  • Members also complete additional training for protected populations, such as those with substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and communicable diseases such as HIV

Criminal History Check Requirements Beyond NHC Standard Checks

The member has to pass a level 2 background check for HRSA.