Pediatric Group Well Child Care Navigator

Position Status




NHC Position Type

Patient Navigator

Position Summary

The member with be a crucial partner in the provision of group well child care for families in our general pediatric clinic. As a navigator, they will enable families to join in group well child care for children from birth through age two and serve as a bridge for the medical team. Groups of 6-8 babies, along with their parent/guardian, have 9 sessions over 2 years in which they receive all their medical care including immunizations. Groups are co-facilitated by a resident, an attending and a developmental specialist. Groups help families build community together their children grow and find connection and support. Parents are engaged in tracking growth, immunizations and oral health. The group is lead in a discussion and interactive activities on topics including infant attachment, safe sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, early literacy, development and safety. This is one of the few pediatric residency teaching clinics in the country that incorporates group visits into the curriculum and uses them for professional development.

The member will be actively engaged in recruiting families to join the program. They will interact with parents/caregivers in the newborn nursery to describe the program and promote enrollment. They will assist interested families with the enrollment process and schedule their visits. Additionally, the member will be in contact with all participants in the program prior to and following their visits. They will act as a touchpoint between the family and the care providers as well as outside resources. On the days of group sessions, the member will greet families, assist with completion of screening information regarding both maternal and infant wellness, child development and social determinants of health screening.

The member will initially observe the sessions to gain understand of workflow and information provided. Over time, the member will develop 2-3 topics to discuss at sessions that are developmentally appropriate. This could include, but is not limited to, explanation of resources in the community such as libraries, food pantries, play groups and dental care.

Member may also serve as a resource for other sites within Advocate Children's Hospital as they develop similar programs in their clinics. This role will emphasize team development and collaboration as well as development of best practices. Daily service activities will occur primarily as Advocate Lutheran General Hospital.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Patient recruitment and scheduling - 60%
  • Provision of health education during group visits - 20%
  • Development of resource guides in the community for members of group - 10%
  • Assistance with development of similar programs at other Advocate Children's Hospital sites - 10%
  • Of the above, 15% will be dedicated to addressing structural oppression.


  • Providing brief health education to patients
  • Co-facilitating group classes on health and lifestyle
  • Conducting phone outreach as assigned by leadership
  • Tracking referrals and closing the referral loop
  • Linking patients to care by scheduling appointments

- member will present program to new families in the newborn nursery at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
- member will present program to families in the Advocate Children's Outpatient Clinic in Park Ridge, Illinois when in the office for newborn and 1 month well visits
- member will schedule interested families in the epic EHR for their initial visits with appropriate providers for group well child care
- member will conduct follow up, either via telephone or EHR patient portal, between group well child care visits as reminders and to answer additional questions
Group visit participation
- member will assist clinic staff with preparation for group well visits including preparing room, gifts for families, necessary paperwork
- member will prepare topics for discussion during group visits and present at appropriate times
Community resources
- member will facilitate information about community organizations being delivered to families in the group well visit program.
- member will review social determinants of health screening forms from group participants with host site supervisor to assure needs are met and referrals are given with an eye for areas that might be a result of structural oppression.

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • Organized
  • Multi-tasker; able to balance
  • Comfort speaking with others, individually or in groups
  • Group facilitation skills
  • Able to communicate effectively with individuals or diverse backgrounds and identities

Knowledge Required for the Position

  • Knowledge of AmeriCorps/Health Corps member requirements
  • Skill with Microsoft Office or other software for a variety of data processing operations involving a range of problem solving, record keeping, correspondence, and service tracking options.
  • They will need to undergo Epic electronic health record training and then use the EHR during their service day.  The member will also need to use interpretation technology.


  • Member uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments following set procedures, independently
  • The supervisor assigns service activities, advises on changes in procedures, and is available for assistance when required


  • The service activities are reviewed for accuracy through spot checks, through complaints from customers, and through observation of the member at service.


  • Guidelines are generally applicable, but the member independently makes adaptations in dealing with problems and unusual situations


  • The facts or conditions of the service position are clear cut, predictable, and apply directly to the assignment
  • The role will be predictable at baseline but will allow for flexibility in processes as time progresses.

Special Considerations

  • Health screening or service required
  • Criminal history check requirements beyond those required by National Health Corps
  • The position is mainly during regular business hours Monday-Friday.  

Criminal History Check Requirements Beyond NHC Standard Checks

Advocate Health requires an onboarding process that will require proof of vaccination and an additional criminal background check prior to the first day of service.
Member will need to go through HIPPA training since they will have access to medical records.