Community Doula Program Project Assistant

Position Status




NHC Position Type

Capacity Builder

Position Summary

The NHC member will support our Community Doula Program which is funded through the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies initiative through the Department of Public Health. They will work with the project coordinator, Christina Andrews, in marketing and promoting the program, collecting data from the doulas and clients, monitoring the EHR system used to match doulas and clients, creating and maintaining a continuing perinatal education program and doing research on perinatal health in Delaware.

The PIC Perinatal Education project goals are to: (a) raise awareness about the benefits and availability of community-based doulas and educators (b) train a cohort of community members in each county in perinatal health and outreach including a doula certification, childbirth educator certification, and breastfeeding peer support. (c) connect families that receive perinatal support to other critical developmental and educational resources for their children including Birth to Three and Childwatch. (d)refer parents to perinatal support services available in and appropriate for underserved communities and those facing linguistic and cultural barriers.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The NHC member placed with PIC will work with doulas and support them as they provide perinatal outreach education and serve women of color throughout Delaware as childbirth educators, childbirth and postpartum doula, and peer breastfeeding coaches. They will serve various communities throughout Delaware that have been identified as target areas for the Healthy Mother Healthy Babies initiative. These areas are chosen because they have high poverty, single mothers, and high health disparities for women and infants of color. In particular our work focuses on western Sussex County, Kent County, and Wilmington.

Member duties:

promote the program, connect with other community organizations, and arrange workshops and webinars for the doulas as well as pregnant and postpartum community members

coordinate curriculum for Spring & Fall 2023 Doula Cohorts

handle all logistics for matching doulas and clients including monitoring the EHR system and creating forms to collect appropriate data.

collect data on perinatal

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

The NHC member needs to have analytical skills but also be a great communicator and work with various community members in leadership positions and at the community member level. They should have initiative and not need micromanagement but know when to ask for assistance or additional training for tasks/projects.


Community engagement and outreach skills, curiosity, research, communication


Knowledge Required for the Position

The NHC Member should have some college experience and be able to do research and compile statistics. They should also be interested in perinatal health and have familiarity with doulas and maternal health.


Host Site Supervisor:  Christina Andrews, Project Coordinator – Health Initiatives,

Tonya R. Richardson, MPA - Program Director

Criminal History Check Requirements Beyond NHC Standard Checks

Must have complied with all AmeriCorps required criminal history checks including 1) a State Criminal Registry Check of the AmeriCorps-designated repository in both the state in which the Program operates and the state in which the member resided at the time they applied to the Program; 2) a nationwide fingerprint-based FBI background check; and 3) a Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry Check. The member understands that if the results of the required criminal history checks reveal that they are subject to a state sex offender registration requirement and/or have been convicted of homicide (1st, 2nd or 3rd degree) they will be ineligible to serve in the Program. The member also understands they will have the opportunity to review and dispute the findings from the criminal history check.