Community Health Food Initiative Coordinator

Position Status




NHC Position Type

Outreach Coordinator

Position Summary

The NHC CHF member will work on Community Health’s Food Initiatives, specifically three programs, The Delaware Food Farmacy, The Produce Delivery Program, and The Employee Food Pantry. Why food programming?

Food insecurity drives the consumption of cheaper, less nutritious food, which erodes health and contributes to higher rates of hospital utilization. Furthermore, many low-income, food-insecure individuals diagnosed with a chronic disease experience worse outcomes because they often face having to choose between spending money on medical needs, or on food and other essentials like housing and utilities.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

Produce Delivery:

The NHC Member will enroll patients into the Produce Delivery program, collect pre/post data, and conduct program satisfaction surveys. They will also enroll eligible/interested patients into SNAP and WIC.

The NHC Member will work closely with our partnering organization, providing them with new patient lists who will be receiving produce deliveries, and any patient suggestions for program improvement

Employee Food Pantry

The NHC member will take part in the quarterly food box-up day along with other volunteers. They will ensure that the pantries are stocked, and the food boxes are being delivered to the appropriate locations weekly.

The NHC member will assist with evaluating the food initiatives impact and expansion. In addition, the member will work with program leadership to develop marketing strategies and materials for public use. Beyond the roles and responsibilities described above, the NHC Member will also have the opportunity to take part in virtual and potentially in person shadow experiences. The specific shadow experiences will be dependent on the NHC members interests and career focus. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to engage with leadership throughout the healthcare system during meetings and scheduled 1:1s.

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

Relates and can empathize with sick people

tech savy an

analytical/has an interest in data

enjoys talking to people on the phone

Costumer service skills


effective communication

outreach skills

effective listening



Michelle Axe, MS, CHES

Program Manager


Tonya R. Richardson, MPA - Program Director

Office of the County Executive 85 Reads Way 19720


In order to be eligible to serve in this position and in the NHC Program, a person must meet the following requirements: 


  1.     Must be at least 18 years of age by the time the service term begins.


  1.     Must be a United States citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident.


  1. Must have a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate and must not have dropped out of elementary or secondary school in order to enroll as an AmeriCorps member (unless enrolled in an institution of higher education on an ability to benefit basis and is considered eligible for funds under section 484 of the Higher Education Act of 1965, 20 U.S.C. 1091), or who has been determined through an independent assessment conducted by the Program to be incapable of obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent.


Special Considerations

Upon hire the member will need to attend ChristianaCare orientation classes/training that are offered online

Language Proficiency Requirements