Community Health Worker

Position Status



Northeast Pennsylvania

NHC Position Type

Outreach Coordinator

Position Summary

Scranton has a new public health department and the Public Health Workforce Development Corps Members will provide community outreach in various housing developments and city areas. 



Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain the Public health dashboard and create social media pages for public health
  • ·Organize vaccination clinics and health fairs in the community.
  • ·Attend Pop-Up City Halls and other community events to understand the needs of the community and to promote public health.
  • ·Improve access to healthcare for low-income, minority, and immigrant populations by communicating with residents and collaborating with other community partners.
  • ·Combat the opioid crisis and substance abuse by spreading public health messages and collaborating with community partners to destigmatize addiction.
  • ·Work to improve access to mental and behavioral health care by raising awareness through education and spreading relevant public health messages in the community.
  • ·Address chronic health illnesses by promoting and planning educational programs for diabetes prevention, nutrition education, and healthy living.
  • ·Will communicate with the community residents and leaders to understand the needs and find the gaps in the services to improve the physical and mental health of the residents.
  • ·Create public health messages to improve awareness about general safety rules like seat belt use, bike helmet use, dangers of speeding and intoxicated driving, etc.

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • good communication skills
  • pleasant, patient
  • comfortable with interacting and building relationships with the community members
  •  ready to learn new skills

Knowledge Required for the Position

  • High school diploma or higher
  • Volunteer experience with outreach in the community
  • Some health-related experiences would be beneficial as well
  • Experience with working and managing social media accounts
  • Creating educational materials like flyers and posters on Word or Canva
  • Ability to lift up to 25lbs.
  • Bilingual, Spanish/English, a plus