Patient Advocate, Health Center 5&10

Position Status




NHC Position Type

Patient Navigator

Position Summary

The Patient Advocate at health centers 4 & 5 will assist with a variety of projects. Primarily, the member will run the health center's prescription assistance program, connecting low-income and uninsured patients with free or low-cost prescription medications. The member will also assist with our RPM (remote physiological monitoring) program. This program enables patients to take their blood pressures at home and send the readings directly to their electronic health records. Lastly, the member will assist with Social Determinants of Health screening initiative. With this initiative, patients are screened for social determinants of health factors and provided with referrals for assistance.

The purpose of this position is to connect low income and underserved patients to critical resources, whether it is free prescription medications, PECO bill assistance, and SNAP benefits. The member will assist patients who are uninsured apply for free medications through pharmaceutical prescription assistance programs. The member will work with patients to determine their eligibility and complete the appropriate application. Additionally, they will call in for refills routinely and re-enroll patients on an annual basis. The member will also conduct SDOH (social determinants of health) surveys to a target patient population and refer resources as needed. This may include completing SNAP benefit or PECO assistance applications. Lastly, the member will assist in the RPM program by ensuring that the patients' Bluetooth blood pressure cuff is connected to their Healow app and they are able to sync their blood pressure readings to the patient portal.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Screening patients for health concerns and eligibility
  • Completing and submitting patient applications for social services and medication assistance programs
  • Inputting received medications into database/stockroom
  • Following up with companies to verify application status
  • Requesting medication refills for patients already enrolled