NHC San Francisco AmeriCorps Member (15 Positions)

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San Francisco

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Start Date: August 26th, 2024

End Date: July 14th, 2025

NHC San Francisco is recruiting for the 2024-2025 Cohort!

Our partner Host Sites are currently developing positions for the new Service Term. As these positions are finalized, we will post them for applicants to review. In the meantime, we recommend reviewing "Full" positions on our page, as many of the roles will be similar or the same for the coming year. Information will be updated as soon as possible.

NHC San Francisco will be recruiting for 15 AmeriCorps members for the 2024-2025 Term.

Some of the upcoming position titles include, but are not limited to:

  • Senior Vitality Assistant - Curry Senior Center
  • Opioid Use Disorder Care Coordinator - HealthRIGHT 360
  • Quality Improvement (QI)/Diabetes Care Coordinator - HealthRIGHT 360
  • School-Based Dental Program Assistant  - SFDPH: Dental Services and Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health
  • Food Access Coordinator - San Francisco Health Network - Food As Medicine Collaborative
  • Substance Use Care Coordinator - SFDPH: Whole-Person Integrated Care
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Coordinator - SFDPH: Whole-Person Integrated Care
  • PHACS Care and Capacity Coordinator - SFDPH: Whole-Person Integrated Care
  • Shelter Health Public Health Educator - SFDPH: Whole-Person Integrated Care
  • Street Medicine Palliative Care Patient Navigator - SFDPH: Whole-Person Integrated Care
  • Value-Based Care Coordinator: Immunization - SFDPH: Value-Based Care
  • Value-Based Care Coordinator: Perinatal - SFDPH: Value-Based Care
  • Value-Based Care Coordinator: Overdose Prevention - SFDPH: Value-Based Care

If you are considering serving in San Francisco, we highly encourage you to submit an application!

Requires Personal Vehicle