Opioid Use Care Coordinator

Position Status



San Francisco

NHC Position Type

Care Coordinator

Position Summary

About the Position: The Opioid Use Care Coordinators will serve to link persons entering Residential Drug Treatment services with addiction doctors. HealthRIGHT 360's Integrated Care Center (ICC) provides medical, dental, behavioral health services, addiction medicine and psychiatry. Members will connect new and existing patients to Medicated Assisted Treatment providers. Members will follow care of MAT patients and assist with scheduling patient appointments, patient education and resolving medication issues. Members will also connect clients to primary care and dental services. Finally, members will conduct outreach to residential clients and liaise between clients and care teams.

Note: This position may be adjusted to incorporate new projects.

About the Organization: Integrated Care Center at HealthRIGHT 360 provides compassionate, non-judgmental care. Our supportive staff is experienced with the complex healthcare needs that can result from homelessness, poverty, and addiction. Our providers have specialized expertise in preventative health, chronic conditions, the treatment of infectious diseases, and addiction.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Practicing intake and referrals of patients in need
  • Referring patients to other programs and community services
  • Providing follow-up and case management to deliver assistance and information
  • Maintaining professional boundaries and respecting patient confidentiality
  • Documenting interactions with patients in an electronic health record


Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • Organized
  • Multi-tasker; able to balance
  • Able to communicate effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Compassionate

Knowledge Required for the Position


  • Member uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments following set procedures, independently
  • The supervisor assigns service activities, advises on changes in procedures, and is available for assistance when required
  • The supervisor assigns service activities in terms of project objectives and basic priorities and is available for consultation in resolving controversial issues.


  • The service activities are reviewed for accuracy through spot checks, through complaints from customers, and through observation of the member at service.
  • The member independently plans and carries out the projects and selects the approaches and methods to be used in solving problems
  • Completed projects are reviewed very generally to determine that objectives have been met and are in compliance with policies and regulations.


  • Written and oral guides provide specific instructions for doing service
  • Most instructions are easily memorized and require little interpretation
  • Detailed guidelines exist, including regulations and directives, handbooks, precedents, industry standards, and files of previous projects
  • Guidelines are generally applicable, but the member independently makes adaptations in dealing with problems and unusual situations


  • Member has to develop, analyze, or evaluate information before the service position can progress
  • The facts or conditions of the service position are clear cut, predictable, and apply directly to the assignment
  • The service position assignments vary significantly or often involve unusual circumstances and incomplete or conflicting data

Special Considerations

The NHC Member will:

  • Serve Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 5:00PM
  • Serve approximately 40 hours per week at their Host Site
  • Serve in-person

Language Proficiency Requirements

  • No language other than English is required.

Criminal History Check Requirements Beyond NHC Standard Checks

  • No other Criminal History Check Requirements beyond NHC Standard Checks.

Requires Personal Vehicle