Priority: COVID-19 Responder/Shelter-In-Place (SIP) Site Coordinator

Position Status



San Francisco

NHC Position Type

COVID-19 Responder

Position Summary

*0 of 2 Positions Available - Position Must Start Before August 21st, 2022 or ASAP.

All of the SFDPH positions listed will – in addition to the unique responsibilities described for each position – work as part of a COVID-19 team to conduct several components of contact investigation, contact tracing, and COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Activities will include: calling patients with a new diagnosis and obtaining demographic information, sharing guidance for self-isolation, facilitating referrals and linkage to services for medical and basic needs, and obtaining a list of close contacts from the patient. After the initial call, NHC members will follow up with COVID-19 positive patients to conduct wellness checks and facilitate referrals and linkage to services as needed. NHC members will also conduct outreach to patients eligible for COVID-19 immunization, ensuring that patients receive accurate information while receiving feedback from the patients. Members would also have the opportunity to assist COVID-19 Vaccination Sites in traffic flow direction, 2nd dose scheduling, and eligibility criteria confirmation. 

The COVID-19 Responder/Shelter-In-Place (SIP) Coordinator will, in addition to the above direct COVID-19 activities, collaborate with medical and outreach staff of SFDPH’s Street Medicine and Shelter Health teams to stabilize patients’ health while in shelter in place (SIP) hotel sites, and ensure a safe and dignified stay especially for those with medical conditions and disabilities, including obtaining appropriate level of care. The COVID-19 Responder/Shelter-In-Place (SIP) Coordinator will work to outreach, engage, and improve the health of people experiencing homelessness through navigation and linkage to community resources to help prevent harmful effects of homelessness, establish care for chronic conditions, and transition patients to stable health care. NHC members’ key direct patient care activities will include: insurance enrollment; access and transportation to medical care; health education/coaching; and collaborative case management. 

*This position will be at various Shelter-In-Place Hotel Sites in San Francisco.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communicating with patients newly diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Maintaining professional boundaries and respecting patient confidentiality
  • Collecting and recording information on patients
  • Providing cases with information about quarantine procedures
  • Referring patients to social and support services
  • Following established scripts to provide information to patients
  • Attending meetings with host site staff as needed, conducting outreach to patients with unmet needs,
  • Working closely with staff and leadership
  • Coordinating with liaisons to problem-solve
  • Identifying gaps and implementing new workflows
  • Conducting clinic observations and patient surveys
  • Participating in patient care and education
  • Greeting and intaking patients in person and at testing and/or vaccination sites
  • Participating in health and awareness campaigns
  • Monitoring rates and trends on health-related issues
  • Creating communications, flyers, and graphics
  • Obtaining feedback to improve communications
  • Developing and providing community education
  • Presenting and/or developing classes on health and lifestyle
  • Providing information pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccine

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • Build strong relationships
  • Understanding of/Willingness to learn about the community
  • Outgoing
  • Eager to engage
  • Compassionate
  • Curious
  • Respectful
  • Open-minded
  • Non-judgmental
  • Open to learning and growth
  • Can step in to leadership role
  • Can step back to allow others to take charge
  • Can work efficiently
  • Proficient computer and data entry skills (e.g.,Microsoft suite)
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to interact professionally
  • Ability to interact empathetically with diverse individuals
  • Ability to handle confidential information
  • Familiarity with health-related issues
  • Excellent customer service
  • Energetic
  • Flexible
  • Confident
  • Able to serve in a fast-paced environment
  • Organized; sound organizational skills
  • Good telephone skills

Knowledge Required for the Position

  • Knowledge of AmeriCorps/Health Corps member requirements
  • Skill with Microsoft Office or other software for a variety of data processing operations involving a range of problem solving, recordkeeping, correspondence, and service tracking options
  • Member will be trained on the systems we use at WPIC


  • Member uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments following set procedures independently.
  • The supervisor assigns service activities, advises on changes in procedures, and is available for assistance when required.
  • The supervisor assigns service activities in terms of project objectives and basic priorities and is available for consultation in resolving controversial issues.
  • In the SIP Sites member will also report to Charge Nurseon duty for assignments of the day.


  • The service activities are reviewed for accuracy through spot checks, through complaints from customers, and through observation of the Member at service.
  • Completed projects are reviewed very generally to determine that objectives have been met and are in compliance with policies and regulations.


  • Written and oral guides provide specific instructions for doing service.
  • Detailed guidelines exist, including regulations and directives, handbooks, precedents, industry standards and files of previous projects.


  • The facts or conditions of the service position are clear cut, predictable, and apply directly to the assignment.
  • Suggestions and new approaches are always welcome from the AmeriCorps to make the job flow better.

Purpose and Impact of Service Position Assignments

  • The Member’s service output is necessary in order to facilitate the service of other staff.
  • Service position assignments involve a variety of conventional problems, questions, or situations that conform to established criteria.
  • The service position product or services affect the social, physical, and economic well-being of a substantial number of people on an ongoing basis.

Nature of Contacts

  • Members will also work closely with the CBO's who manage the day to day operations in the SIP Sites.

Purpose of Contacts

  • To motivate, influence, or educate people to support change in behaviors

Special Considerations

  • Special dress code
  • Special safety regulations or precautions that must be observed
  • Health screening or service required
  • Member will have to have their badge displayed at all times while in the SIP Site and at the DPH office.

Language Proficiency Requirements

None; Additional Languages Helpful.