Senior Vitality Assistant

Position Status



San Francisco

NHC Position Type

Outreach Coordinator

Position Summary

*One position available

The Senior Vitality Assistant's primary activities will be to provide health access and education to underserved communities (LGBTQ+, Low-Income, Non-English Speaking, People of Color) and will address the focus area of increasing seniors' (adults 50 and older) ability to remain in their own homes with the same or improved quality of life for as long as possible.

The Senior Vitality Assistant will also be a coordinator of our CAP (Consumer Advisory Panel) committee. In this role, the member will be involved directly with the consumers of Curry's programs, and will help the agency implement program updates, solutions and suggestions directly offered by the people that we serve. In this committee, feedback from our monolingual and immigrant communities is solicited for review and to assess how to improve our programs based on their needs. In addition, the NHC member will be included in all mandatory staff training related to Racial Equity initiatives for the agency.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing Outreach to agencies to build awareness.
  • Creating and developing communications related to outreach campaigns
  • Obtaining feedback to improve on communication materials
  • Developing and providing health education for the community
  • Providing outreach to stakeholders to identify issues
  • Gathering data on critical issues impacting the community
  • Utilizing data to schedule education sessions
  • Providing education to clients and refer them to providers
  • Providing health education to at-risk populations
  • Attending trainings and/or community events
  • Responding to and tracking requests through online services
  • Maintaining an inventory of supply materials for patients, clients, and/or organizations
  • Developing and distributing new materials geared towards patients, clients,and/or organizations
  • Creating basic curriculum and revisiting and revising it
  • Recruiting students for classes on health
  • Teaching classes/workshops in-person and remote on health
  • Providing outreach in the community to promote services
  • Linking clients from community organizations to services
  • Meeting with referral staff to ensure that clients receive services
  • Creating and implementing surveys to assess program effectiveness
  • Developing new program materials to aid reach, scope, and effectiveness
  • Networking with the community
  • Doing educational presentations
  • Developing educational materials
  • Collecting and tracking of data

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • Outgoing
  • Patient
  • Good with patient populations
  • Open-minded
  • Non-judgmental
  • Compassionate
  • Approachable
  • Excellent communicator
  • Experience with developing programs/curricula
  • Good with diverse personalities
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Multi-tasker; Ability to balance
  • Ability to work in deadline-oriented environment
  • Interest in health, Social justice, and policy issues
  • Energetic
  • Detail-oriented
  • Team player
  • Commitment to social justice
  • Works well with others
  • Good listener
  • Thinks creatively
  • Desires to empower community
  • Confident
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Organized; sound organizational skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Good telephone skills
  • Proficient computer and data entry skills (e.g.,Microsoft suite)
  • Passion for health topics

Knowledge Required for the Position

  • Skill with Microsoft Office or other software for a variety of data processing operations involving a range of problem solving, record keeping, correspondence,and service tracking options.
  • Skill with Apple iOS


  • Member uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments following set procedures, independently.
  • The supervisor assigns service activities, advise son changes in procedures, and is available for assistance when required.
  • The supervisor assigns service activities in terms of project objective sand basic priorities and is available for consultation in resolving controversial issues.


  • The Member independently plans and carries out the projects and selects the approaches and methods to be used in solving problems.
  • Completed projects are reviewed very generally to determine that objectives have been met and are in compliance with policies and regulations.


  • Written and oral guides provide specific instructions for doing service.
  • Most instructions are easily memorized and require little interpretation.
  • Detailed guidelines exist, including regulations and directives, handbooks, precedents, industry standards and files of previous projects.
  • Guidelines are generally applicable, but the Member independently makes adaptations in dealing with problems and unusual situations.


  • The facts or conditions of the service position are clear cut, predictable, and apply directly to the assignment.
  • In making decisions, the Member is often required to depart from past approaches and to extend traditional techniques.

Purpose and Impact of Service Position Assignments

  • The Member’s service out put is necessary in order to facilitate the service of other staff.
  • Member’s service position impacts on the adequacy of research conclusions.
  • The service position product or service affects the accuracy, reliability, or acceptability of further processes or services.
  • Service position assignments involve a variety of conventional problems, questions, or situations that conform to established criteria.
  • The service position product or service affects the design or operation of systems, programs, or equipment.
  • The service position product or services affect the social, physical, and economic well-being of a substantial number of people on an ongoing basis.
  • The member is required to investigate or analyze a variety of unusual conditions, problems, or questions.

Nature of Contacts

  • In the space below, provide additional in formation or explanations:
  • Also other staff

Purpose of Contacts

  • In the space below, provide additional information or explanations:
  • to give/exchange information to interview for surveys

Special Considerations

  • Special safety regulations or precautions that must be observed: NHC member needs to be comfortable walking through streets with drug use/sales out in the open.