Senior Vitality Assistant

Position Status



San Francisco

NHC Position Type

Care Coordinator

Position Summary

The Senior Vitality Assistant's primary activities will be to provide health access and education to underserved communities (LGBTQ+, Low-Income, Non-English Speaking, People of Color) and will address the focus area of increasing seniors' (adults 50 and older) ability to remain in their own homes with the same or improved quality of life for as long as possible.

The Senior Vitality Assistant will also be a coordinator of our CAP (Consumer Advisory Panel) committee. In this role, the member will be involved directly with the consumers of Curry's programs, and will help the agency implement program updates, solutions and suggestions directly offered by the people that we serve. In this committee, feedback from our monolingual and immigrant communities is solicited for review and to assess how to improve our programs based on their needs. In addition, the NHC member will be included in all mandatory staff training related to Racial Equity initiatives for the agency.

Special Considerations

Curry Senior Center requires the placed member to have full COVID-19 Vaccination dosage.

Experience supporting older adult populations and/or low-income neighborhoods and communities is ideal, but not required.

Language Skills are not required, but helpful to have additional languages!