Empowering Patients Through Educational Materials

Posted on: January 25, 2024Central California Leadership Corps


My name is Rhyst Ducusin, and I work at the Aria Community Health Center
as a Health Educator. My primary responsibility is to educate the community
about Smoking Cessation, which means helping people quit smoking to
reduce the growing burden of chronic diseases worldwide caused by tobacco
use, especially smoking. For the past few months, I have been creating
educational materials and researching smoking and vaping.

Human behavior can significantly impact public health, and certain behaviors
and habits contribute to numerous health problems. Smoking is one of the
most significant health challenges caused by human behavior, and it has
become a severe public health issue worldwide. Smoking has reached
epidemic proportions, leading to significant disability, disease, and death.
Despite well-known health risks, a considerable number of people worldwide
continue to smoke. Studies show that overall mortality rates for cigarette
smokers are 60-80% higher than those of nonsmokers.

To address these concerns, I have been creating educational resources, such
as posters, pamphlets, and brochures. These materials play a crucial role in
helping people quit smoking by providing accessible information about the
risks associated with smoking. They also help break through psychological
defenses and tap into human emotions and personal experiences. These
materials can deliver messages, offer in-depth information, and incorporate
persuasive elements that positively influence behavior. By using engaging
visuals, impactful messages, and persuasive techniques, these materials can
effectively communicate the adverse effects of smoking, ultimately
empowering individuals to make well-informed choices and advocate for
healthier environments.

My experiences have expanded my ideas of education in healthcare as a
Health Educator. It has been a thrilling journey so far, and I am excited to
continue learning and growing in my role. I had the opportunity to participate
in various projects and programs at the Aria Community Health Center,
where I learned how healthcare professionals can integrate education into the healthcare they provide.

About the Author:

Rhyst Ducusin

Member Name: Rhyst Ducusin
Pronouns: Her/ She
NHC Program: Central Valley California
Host Site: Aria Community Health Center
Position Title: Health Educator

Where are you from?: I grew up in the Philippines, but my family and I moved to the United States last April.

Why did you decide to join NHC?: I joined NHC to enhance my knowledge regarding public health and advocate for comprehensive prevention measures.

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