We Care Jax


WeCareJax advances and coordinates community-wide compassionate specialty care for the uninsured.


WeCareJax envisions a community where everyone has equitable access to quality healthcare.

Why is WeCareJax Needed?

More than 13% of Duval County residents between the ages of 18 and 64 do not have health insurance. They work hard in one or more low-paying jobs with no health benefits. Even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the need for better access to health care services remains. Many simply can’t afford insurance and still afford other basic items such as food, clothing, and housing.

Without Medicaid expansion in Florida these individuals often face life-threatening health issues with nowhere to turn. WeCareJax remains committed to matching patients in need with caring volunteer providers and to developing innovative programs that improve health care access in our community. Communities all over the state have organized compassionate care, and many are called We Care, but we are all independent operations serving different geographic areas.

What Does WeCareJax Do?

  • Collaborates with a network of free and charitable clinics to provide specialty care to their uninsured patients
    • Specialty care includes imaging, advanced diagnostics, lab tests and assays, surgery, treatment, and specialty physician care
    • Services are provided at no cost to eligible patients and their families
  • Coordinates volunteer physicians and providers across Duval County who are willing to offer compassionate care to our uninsured neighbors
  • Secures charitable care from hospital partners, treatment centers, and other provider networks on behalf of our patients
  • Raises funds from the community to support continuity of care where a charitable resource is not available
  • Provides care coordination throughout the referral and treatment process
  • Coordinates with community-based partners to help patients remove barriers to care and address chronic health conditions

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