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Brianna Bingham, Opioid Use/Substance Abuse Disorders Access Coordinator

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Brianna has resided in San Francisco for the past few years. She joined AmeriCorps in San Francisco because it has been her mission to connect the dots between clinical medicine, research, health policy, and the implementation of health interventions in communities where the need is most through service. Engaging and empowering community stakeholders is essential for sustainable change. Brianna wants to continue to learning from and empowering historically disenfranchised communities to take back positive control of their lives by improving their quality of life through health. Brianna believes that this is one of the first steps towards addressing systemic racism in the US. Without one’s health, it is difficult to contribute to society and fight against social, political and economic injustices. Currently, Brianna serves as an opioid/substance use disorder access-to-care coordinator at HealthRIGHT360. Her primary role is to coordinate care for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, mental health illnesses, chronic diseases, and substance use disorders. Some of the health care services provided by HealthRIGHT360 include detox, residential, and outpatient behavioral health programs as well as Medication Assisted Treatment through medical clinics in San Francisco.