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Charlotte Kishi, Opioid/Substance Use Disorder Access Coordinator

Originally from Phoenix, Charlotte left the desert Southwest and headed to the cooler Bay Area to teach high school and middle school science/Biology. With hopes of pursuing a medical pathway, she is now transitioning to NHC SF where she strives to better understand the way in which health is shaped, and now importantly within the context of the current pandemic. By understanding how socioeconomics, culture, and policy all intersect in delivering care and providing access to care, Charlotte hopes to better serve those communities that are so often disadvantaged when it comes to receiving the services they deserve. As an Opioid Use Disorder/Substance Use Disorder (OUD/SUD) Access Coordinator at HealthRIGHT 360’s Integrated Care Center, Charlotte will coordinate care for those with substance use disorder (SUD) by connecting them to primary care and mental health care; she will increase access to OUD/SUD care for homeless populations through outreach efforts; lastly Charlotte will address the pandemic through screening and testing for COVID-19.