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Clara Chung, COVID-19 Responder/Behavioral Health Coordinator

Clara has lived in California her entire life, having grown up in Santa Clarita (Southern California) and attended UC Berkeley (Northern California). She entered college with a heart to learn more about mental illnesses and the determination to de-stigmatize the prevalent mental health issues that surrounded her. Upon completion of college and delving into three areas of study (Psychology, Public Health, and Education), Clara decided to join AmeriCorps to serve in a space where she can support underprivileged communities who do not have access to proper physical, mental, and academic well-being. Clara seeks to be in health settings such as the SFDPH Team to not only develop the professional, transferable skills necessary to aid underserved populations and their access to healthcare but also be able to simply pause and listen to people’s own narratives. As a Behavioral Health Coordinator/COVID-19 Responder of the SF Population Health Team, Clara’s responsibilities include case investigation of possible cases to help slow the spread of COVID-19, outreach to patients to help improve rates of behavioral health screening, and implementation of depression registries during telehealth visits.