*Priority - Start ASAP* Health Literacy and Outreach Coordinator

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NHC Position Type

Outreach Coordinator

Position Summary

*Priority position - member selected for this position will start as soon as possible and serve for 46 weeks.

This member position will be dedicated to supporting the JaxCareConnect team and initiative. JaxCareConnect is a collaboration created by the local nonprofit safety net of free and charitable clinics to assist uninsured adult Duval County residents find primary care and a medical home. In addition to establishing primary care, we evaluate the whole person and explore other barriers to healthcare to support best possible health outcomes. JaxCareConnect was created in collaboration with Agape Community Health Center, Community Health Outreach, Muslim American Social Services, Mission House, Sulzbacher, Volunteers in Medicine and We Care Jacksonville.

Outreach and community health education are critical to the success of a newly launched initiative such as JaxCareConnect to ensure engagement of under-resourced and uninsured adults residing in Duval County. The member’s role will be heavily focused on identifying and participating in outreach events within neighborhoods and communities experiencing health disparities. Specific opportunities may be via emergency departments and hospital expos, faith-based community engagement, and aligning with grassroots community-based organizations. A secondary priority area will be to support the JaxCareConnect initiative collect patient feedback through patient follow-up, administering patient experience surveys, and identifying obstacles emerging for patients that could be mitigated through community partnership referrals. The member's role can be further defined in the summary below:

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Outreach / Health Literacy: working with the JaxCareConnect team, the member will participate in community health education events across the city, working with individual uninsured patients to ensure connection to a primary care medical home, helping them complete initial screening to advance to an appointment with a primary care provider and support from the team’s Patient Health Advocates. In this role, they will also be providing approved health literacy materials on topics such as chronic disease management, COVID-19, and others when participating in targeted community outreach to Duval County’s Health Zone 1. Community needs assessments consistently identify health disparities in Health Zone 1 as a leading area of focus and concern.


Patient Follow-up: Supporting health equity requires intensive communication and connection with the patients who rely on our team for care. In support of the JaxCareConnect team, the member will engage in follow-up calls for the purpose of administering patient evaluation surveys, enter data about patient experience, and identifying any barriers to next steps in their care for mitigation. Mitigation strategies may include:


  • Scheduling patient transportation to care with community partners.
  • Identifying patients who need nutrition, rent, or utility support for referral.
  • Ensuring clear case notes are provided to team members who can assist with complex care case management.