UPMC St. Margaret Lawrenceville Family Health Center

The UPMC St. Margaret Family Health Centers of Lawrenceville is located in an impoverished Allegheny County community, and is within walking distance of many who cannot afford transportation and would not seek health care at all if it were not for the close proximity of their homes.  In this setting the health center provides over 10,000 patient care visits per year.  The health center has an educational mission training medical residents and service mission providing excellent medical care for indigent populations.
Values and guiding principles which define its standards:

  • Quality and Safety – We create a safe environment where quality is our guiding principle
  • Dignity and Respect – We treat all individuals with dignity and respect
  • Caring and Listening – We listen to and care for our patients, our health plan members, our employees, our physicians and our community. 
  • Responsibility and Integrity – We perform our work with the highest levels of responsibility and integrity.
  • Excellence and Innovation – We think creatively and build excellence into everything that we do.